Cleaning up your Link Building

Bad links removal


Lost Positions in Google

Companies  who purchased links from link building teams in India such as Alex Doyle Associates, and Just Search,  sold there services via various Seo companies. Could be staring down the barrel of a Google penalty right now, or even worse you’re already dropping positions. Did you know, most seo companies simply bought links from India then sold them at a ridiculous mark up. To You.

These companies were so busy making money they fell out of touch with Seo and Google. Now they don’t really talk about links and they’ve shifted to selling PPC services instead. In some cases such as Alex Doyle and Just Search they have created services where you pay them to undo all the work you’ve already paid them to do (incorrectly in the first place).

We knew this would happen and now it has.

In the UK alone there are tens of thousands of companies who paid SEO companies to build links to boost their positions in Google,  after being told how powerful links are in boosting a sites reputation. most of these companies are in serious trouble now. As for most this plan has backfired in a spectacular way.

Google have spent the last five years warning site owners not to purchase links.

So if you bought SEO packages from Cheshire based  SEO companies in particular you’re probably carrying toxic links built by third parties in India.

If you have employed Indian based link building companies directly then read on.

The footprint of the links you bought is so significant that we can see that you bought them. Now if we can tell who you bought links from, then you can bet Google can and that means just one thing.

For some if not all of you,  the Google updates that ran all last year have likely caught you out and your domains will have suffered in the Organic results as a result of a manual action that may be visible in your Google webmasters tools dashboard.

But try not to get to despondent we can help you.

When we say we can help you we mean we can tell you the company you used to do your SEO. We can show you all your links, and we can show you the ones that are killing your rankings in Google.

Best of all we can help you clean up your site and get it back to where it was before you made the genuine mistake of using these companies in the first place.

Do we charge for this service?

Yes we do.


Because we have to make a living and it costs a lot for us to find out the accurate data that you need to put things right.

How much does it cost?

Well we’ve seen services that cost as much as £5,000 per month.  We’re nothing like that. We charge depending on the amount of links that we find and then fix.

It could cost as little as just £200 to sort it all out.

How long Does it take?

We have had results within a couple of weeks but some can take months especially if you have tens of thousands of links.

What do you do?

We first discover all the links that you have.

Then we rank them so we can tell which ones are real and which ones are known spam links. This process is part automatic and part manual. It’s also time consuming

Then we do some really clever stuff by telling Google that you don’t want these links to count towards your link count and we apologise on your behalf  and give assurances that you won’t do it again.

When done correctly you’ll see the manual action get dropped and your positions will change. In some cases though this isn’t enough because you will have been banned already,  permanently!

Before we start we will check this first to make sure you’re not wasting precious time and money.

What’s the alternative

Start again with a fresh domain.

Not a great solution when you’ve spent years building your online business.